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Scent Glossary


Arrive in an exotic Mediterranean grove with this delightfully balanced, earthy, sweet essence. An intricate and vibrant fruity blend of sweet fig with whispers of fresh green apples and floral notes of rosewood, lilac and jasmine. Complimented with smooth, rich and woody undertones of sandalwood.



An uplifting masterpiece of lemon zest and floral verbena makes this the perfect kitchen candle! Bright, refreshing citrus oils of lemon and orange enhance the refreshing scent of natural lemongrass.



Revel in the crisp, mountain air brimming with evergreen fir and balsam trees. Our Northern Forest is an enchanting combination of frasier fir with light citrus top notes, earthy cedar undercurrents, and a woody, balsam core which evokes a soothing atmosphere you will love.



Bring the delicious aroma of freshly picked New England Apples, straight from the orchard, into your home! Apple Orchards found in Vermont, New York and other beautiful New England states grow some of the most delicious and favored apples and we've captured this delightfully crisp, bright apple scent with hints of cinnamon, spice and a whisper of vanilla that warms the heart of this fragrance.



Along the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, stones of Amber that mirror the brilliant intensity of the setting sun can be found. This complex and herbal infused blend has a rich base of smooth vanilla, amber, musk and sandalwood well-balanced with fresh green top notes, a delicate floral accord of blooming lily to create an exotic tone and complimented with a warm spice and earthy patchouli.



Portland, Oregon is known as the "City of Roses". Portland’s affinity for roses started with a wedding gift and resulted in a safe haven for European roses. This majestic and divinely fragrant flower naturally flourishes in the beautiful Pacific North West. Our Portland Rose candle is a sensuous blend of rose and velvety sweetness. Rosebuds are surrounded by delicate green tones to captivate the senses.



Deep in the forests of Thailand, a tranquil oasis awaits you for a meditative retreat. Restore your mind and body with this sophisticated, rich woody bouquet sweetened with orange and laced with jasmine for warm texture. Sheer woods and western cedar accent the base of sandalwood as lingering tones of vanilla bean and golden amber add sensual sweetness.



Imagine a far-away, exotic spice market from long ago... Barcelona, Istanbul, Morocco... Our Spice Market candle is warm, inviting and captures the variety of extravagantly spiced aromas with strong, smooth and delicious notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.



Invite the exquisite "Lavender Roads" of Provence, France into your home. It is said that "Lavender is the soul of Provence" - Jean Giono, and is renowned for its magnificent "Lavender Roads" that bloom from June to August. Evoke a luxurious aromatic ambiance with this enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender. Infused with hints of wood and fresh cedar as crisp green nuances add natural appeal with a whisper of eucalyptus top notes that brighten this lavish lavender bouquet.



A scent for nature lovers! Featuring woody and musk base notes - yet has an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber. Twig + Moss blends notes of sage and lavender with woodsy base notes to capture the elusive aroma of the great outdoors. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils of sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils.



Long prized in Asian countries for its health benefits, Green Tea is also very favored as a scent. Our Green Tea is fresh and calming with bright, uplifting top notes of lemon, bergamot, lime and white grapefruit. The dry down is soft, earthy and herbal.



Farmhouse is a homey combination of warm cinnamon, smooth vanilla, smokey sandalwood and woody evergreen and clove. Our Farmhouse candle rekindles feelings of familiarity and is a lovely candle scent to warm any home.

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