Treat yourself to a delightful scent combination of your choosing. Our sampler set is a wonderful and personal gift for the candle lovers in your life. Whether they're a woodsy, floral, earthy, or citrus type (or any combination, really) you can handpick the scents you know he or she will love. This set is also really great way to sample our delicious scents before committing to a larger size.

Every candle at Oak + Amber Candle Company is hand-poured with the utmost care and precision.Always made with 100% natural American soy wax that burns longer and cleaner than regular candles. Our skillfully crafted candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure quality and attention to detail and infused with high quality fragrance oils, botanicals and essential oils. Our scents are thoughtfully mixed, carefully curated and always phthalate and lead free.


Burn time: Approx. 12 hours per candle / 48 hours combined burn time
Volume: 2 fl oz
Height: 1.5"
Diameter: 2"

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